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At SPEC, we understand that personalized style and functionality when it comes to design are a must. That's why we use the idea that form follows function as a central tenet of our design philosophy. At SPEC, we work directly with all of our clients, from Fortune 500 Companies to individual homeowners, to collaboratively develop architectural designs that range from lavish estate-style residences to sleek, contemporary condominiums, and everything else in-between. 

Our Architectural Design Team has the experience and industry knowledge to be a valuable asset on any residential or commercial design project. SPEC has had a hand in developing South Florida's unique and gorgeous landscape since 1979 through efficient yet luxurious architectural design. 


- Custom Single-Family Home Design 

- Residential Developments 

- Multifamily Living 

- Residential Additions and Renovations 

- Guest Properties 

- Cabanas 

- Summer Kitchens 

- Gazebos 

- Rental Properties 



- Community Clubhouses

- Commercial Remodeling 

- Senior Living Facilities 

- Restaurants 

- Medical Offices 

- Storage Facilities 

- Commerce Centers 

- Industrial Structures 

Community Club house showing architectural rendering.

Single-Family Home Addition

Community Clubhouse at Parker Pointe

Single Family Home Addition showing Architecure discipline
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