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Specialty Engineering Consultants,Inc. has a well-trained and certified staff of structural inspectors to assist you in all phases of your project. From foundation reinforcing to roofing and exterior finishes, we can provide the expertise to keep your project on time and under budget.




For a structure to be classified as a “threshold building” it must be more than 50 feet in height, have an assembly occupancy classification exceeding 5,000 square feet or 500 persons, or be more than three stories in height. Threshold building are mandated by Florida Statute 553.71 to be inspected by a “special inspector”. Special inspectors who inspect threshold buildings must be licensed by the state of FLorida. As per Florida Statutes, special inspectors must be hired by the fee owner of a building and are reposed by the responsible to the municipal enforcing agency.




A building may be inspected by a license engineer, architect or certified building inspector according to the Florida building Code. Often these inspections are utilized to improve a project, special inspection services, such as reinforced masonry or post tension concrete tests, are measures taken to insure that your project is contracted in accordance to all applicable permit codes. 




Sometimes an owner may just want an extra set to trained eyes to minter a project to insure that the project runs smoothly. A well-trained quality control specialist can provide an extra set of eyes and may avoid some construction errors. Communicating with the construction team and making sure that everyone knows and understand all aspects of the project is the key.


Additional Inspection Services:

  • Concrete Placement

  • Erection of Bar Joist

  • Erection of Unit Masonry

  • Exterior Envelope

  • Exterior Metal Framing

  • Interior Fire Blocking

  • Interior Framing

  • Light Gauge Framing

  • Tilt Wall Reinforcing

  • Wood Floor joist and roof trust erection and strapping

  • Reinforcing Steel Placement

  • Post Tension Cable Placement

  • Roof sheathing

  • Shoring and Reshoring

  • Structural Steel Erection

  • Milestone and 40-Year Inspections

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