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Here at SPEC, we understand that ultimately, the safety and longevity of a structure are the most imperative characteristics of any property. Keeping this in mind, we provide Milestone and 40-Year Certification Inspection Services. These inspections are not only required by Florida State Law, but also ensure the safety of the occupants of longstanding structures, offering peace of mind. 




Milestone Inspections are required to be conducted by law by a licensed architect or engineer in condominium and cooperative association buildings that are three stories or taller. Buildings meeting this criteria must have Milestone Inspection once the structure is 25 years of age if within 3 miles of the coastline, or 30 years of age if more than 3 miles away from the coastline. These inspections must also be conducted every 10 years thereafter. 


At SPEC, you can trust our team of experienced and licensed engineers to conduct Milestone Inspections with confidence. Our experienced team will assess, analyze and document any and all structural deterioration of the building envelope in order to identify any potential structural issues. After this phase has been completed, our knowledgeable engineers can offer solutions to conduct repairs, completely mitigating potential hazards for any building's occupants. 



In Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, 40-Year Inspections are required in order to ensure that buildings that are in excess of 40-years of age are structurally sound, and ensure that all electrical wiring within a building do not pose safety hazards. Seeing that we are a hurricane prone state, these inspections are crucial in preventing the avoidable disaster of structural failure.  

At SPEC, you can trust our qualified engineers to conduct these inspections, as we treat occupancy safety as our top priority when conducting any inspection. Our team can effectively diagnose these preventable issues to avoid disaster and preserve human life.

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