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Our geotechnical engineers have been designing the foundations of south Florida since 1979. Our engineers bring valuable experience which can only be achieved through practice and with the patience of time. Our geotechnical team dates their experience from the early stages of the I-595/I-75 interchanges in West Broward County to several recently completed high rise structures. Geotechnical Engineering is often times an overlooked part of an construction project, but at SPEC, we understand the importance of getting a project off to the right start.

Geotechnical Services: 
  • Standard Penetration borings

  • Auger Borings

  • Site Foundation Feasibility Studies

  • Auger Cast Piling Design

  • Piling Load Tests

  • Micro Pile Design

  • Caisson Design

  • Chemical or cement grouting design

  • Settlement investigations

  • Existing Foundation Modifications

  • Ground Improvement Recommendations

  • Lateral Pile Design

  • Paving Recommendations

  • Retaining Wall Design

  • Site Percolation Tests

  • Site Preparation Report

  • Vibration Control Design

  • Vibro Floatation and Stone Columns


  • Field Density Tests

  • Proctor Analysis

  • Dynamic Penetrometers 

  • Fill Suitability 

  • FLA Bearing Value

  • Organic Content

  • Piling Installation Monitoring

  • Sleve Analysis

  • Vibro Floatation Monitoring 

  • Chemical and Cement Grouting 

  • Quality Control

  • Structural and Architectural inspections to insure plan, specifications and code compliance

  • 40 year certification

  • Foundation Settlement Problems

  • Concrete Restoration

  • Window Installation - On Site Inspections of Glazing Systems 




Construction materials testing will insure that the materials used in he construction of your project will be in compliance with your design specifications and industry standards. SPEC has not forgotten where our roots began; therefore our in-house material laboratory is state-of-the-art and operated by certified and dedicated projections.


  • Compressive strength tests

  • Concrete slump test

  • Absorption 

  • Aggregate gradations

  • Air content test

  • Block prisms

  • Chemical composition

  • Concrete mix designs

  • Cores

  • Flexural strength tests

  • Masonry prisms

  • Mortar cubes

  • Rebound hammer testing

  • Windsor probe testing

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